Ancestral / Freelance

Tomas oleksak 1 ghostwalker1 bryn tomasoleksak3
Tomas oleksak 2 ghostwalker2 bryn tomasoleksak2
Tomas oleksak 2 ghostwalker2 bryn colorvariant tomasoleksak2

Color variant

Tomas oleksak 3 seer1 bryn tomasoleksak2
Tomas oleksak 4 seer2 bryn tomasoleksak2
Tomas oleksak sketch tomasoleksak2

Early concepts

Concept art for 3D models I did few months back for RPG project Ancestral, Chronicles of Hyperborea. Project had already established visual style that I tried to emulate. Together with creative director I designed character Bryn (young woman from Borean race) with few outfits for different professions.

November 26, 2018